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How much time should I expect to invest while involved in the program?

VentureSCALE’s 6-month program consists of 15, 90-minute virtual classroom sessions that meet at a semi-regular cadence.  These sessions are all led by a VentureSCALE Managing Director or Executive-in-Residence, and will include your fellow cohort participants.  Outside of the classroom, you will be provided access to mentorship via some of the country’s most prominent revenue leaders whom you will interact with at a pace that accommodates your schedule.

Does VentureSCALE take equity in my business like most other accelerators?

No - you launched and built your company, you should keep the ownership!  VentureSCALE was built on the premise that the program should be extremely “Founder Friendly.”  Our desire is to fill in a glaring gap by providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge, resources, tools and thought leadership necessary to build a sales infrastructure - all at about the cost of around one month's salary for an average Director of Sales. 

Do my co-founders and I need to be experienced at sales to get value out of VentureSCALE?

Not at all - that's what our facilitators and mentors are here to help with.  Just come with a good attitude and a learning mindset, and you'll get a great ROI from being involved.  ​

Is there any ongoing support provided after the formal program is over?

Absolutely.  One of the long-lasting values of VentureSCALE is the ongoing relationships and support provided by our community of facilitators, mentors, investors and influencers.  In addition, all cohort companies are given a complimentary annual membership to Sales Assembly (VentureSCALE's parent company).  This will provide access to many of the programs, resources and perks that companies like Sprout Social, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and G2 leverage to further develop their revenue teams on a daily basis.

Who facilitates the sessions?

VentureSCALE’s sessions are facilitated by the B2B tech ecosystem’s foremost experts in their respective fields (our Executives-In-Residence).  These are men and women who not only have expertise in the field but have successfully built teams and organizations dedicated to the core skill topics they're responsible for during the program.

What types of companies are accepted into the program?

VentureSCALE was built to cater to funded, early-stage tech companies who have already developed product-market fit. As such, the common characteristics that one is likely to see with companies that are accepted into the program include:

  • $250,000+ in outside capital raised

  • Currently generating at least $20,000 in MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

  • The CEO / Founder has demonstrated to have a learning mindset

  • B2B tech/SaaS business

  • A team (albeit small) already in place, in addition to the founders

What is the application and acceptance process like?

After completing a preliminary application, the most promising selection of companies will be contacted and a Zoom meeting will take place with VentureSCALE’s executive team to dive deeper into your business.  

Does VentureSCALE assist with fundraising?

While our focus is around sales vs. fundraising, VentureSCALE does have relationships with multiple VC’s, family offices, and angel groups and we're happy to make strategic introductions when the timing is right.

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