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VentureSCALE's network of mentors are the who's who of Chicago Tech. We've hand selected our mentors based on their knowledge, skill and expertise as it pertains to building and scaling tech companies. Our amazing mentors are able to provide both tactical and strategic feedback & advice related to sales, marketing, operations, fundraising and overall growth.

Aaron Levy.jpeg
Aaron Levy

Founder & CEO, Raise The Bar

Nate Blackburn
Nate Blackburn

VP of Sales, Acquirent

Josh Fosburg.jpg
Josh Fosburg

VP of Sales, KnowledgeHound

DJ Eaton.jpeg
DJ Eaton

SalesOps Manager, PerkSpot

John Oommen
John Oommen

Founder & Managing Director, Turnaround Science

Mary Lawler.jpeg
Mary Lawler

Director of Marketing, Telnyx

Karry Kleeman.jpg
Karry Kleeman

CRO, LogicGate

Aaron McKee.jpeg
Aaron McKee

CRO, BacklotCars

Ben Dietz.jpeg
Ben Dietz

President, Mintel Americas

Kyle Lacy.jpg
Kyle Lacy

CMO, Lessonly

David Cohen.jpg
David Cohen

VP of Sales N. America, LinkedIn

Cassandra Jowett.jpeg
Cassandra Jowett

Sr Director of Marketing, PathFactory

jackie burke.jpeg
Jackie Burke

VP of Business Development, Shipbob

Danny Hartman.jpg
Danny Hartman

Sr. Account Executive, LogicGate

Nicole Wylie
Nicole Wylie

VP of Sales, FlashParking

Amy Dordek
Amy Dordek Dolinsky

Co-Founder, Growthplay

Dana Wright.jpg
Dana Wright

Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners

Dan Summers.jpg
Dan Summers

VP of Sales, Sprout Social

Steve Baumgartner.jpeg
Steve Baumgartner

VP Sales, inRiver

Dan Stanton.jpg
Dan Stanton Jr.

Leadership Development, BetterUp

Alex Zikakis.jpg
Alex Zikakis

Global Sales Performance Consultant, LinkedIn

Mark Achler.jpg
Mark Achler

Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners

Bryan Naas.jpeg
Bryan Naas

Director, Sales Enablement, Lessonly

Brian Bar.jpeg
Brian Bar

Founder & CEO, VictoryLap

Rajiv Nathan.jpg
Rajiv Nathan

Founder, Startup Hypeman

Patrick Rodgers.jpg
Patrick Rodgers

Co-Founder & CEO, Canopy

Rob Hughes.jpg
Rob Hughes

Head of Sales, Gravie

Anne Carter
Anne Carter

Sr. Manager of Customer Success, Sprout Social

Rob Topping.jpg
Rob Topping, CFA

Founder, Topping Capital

Steve Bachert.jpg
Steve Bachert

CRO, Enfusion

Rachael Rohn.jpg
Rachael Rohn

Regional President, Compass

Ryan Barretto.jpg
Ryan Barretto

SVP of Global Sales, Sprout Social

Adam Johnson.jpg
Adam Johnson

SVP of Sales, ActiveCampaign

Troy Henikoff.jpg
Troy Henikoff

Managing Director, MATH Venture Partners

Tony Lenhart.jpg
Tony Lenhart

Partner, Sales Empowerment Group

Ross Chaifetz.jpg
Ross Chaifetz

Director of Venture Capital, Chaifetz Group

Alexine Mudawar.jpg
Alexine Mudawar

Major Account Executive, Displayr

Alex Newmann.jpg
Alex Newmann

CEO, Newmann Consulting Group

Andrew Stapleton.jpg
Andrew Stapleton

VP of Customer Success, G2

Ryan Leavitt.jpg
Ryan Leavitt

Founder, Catapult Chicago

Benjamin Lazarov.jpg
Benjamin Lazarov

Strategic Growth Manager, Compass

Bob Lopez.jpg
Bob Lopez

VP of Sales, DialogTech

Howard Diamond.jpg
Howard Diamond

Chief Strategy Officer, Rise Interactive

Gretchen Keefner.jpg
Gretchen Keefner

Regional VP, Bullhorn

Emma Galler
Emma Galler

VP of Sales, Built In

Bret Haren
Bret Haren

RVP of Sales, G2

Adam Goyette
Adam Goyette

VP of Marketing, Help Scout

Maggie Zahm
Maggie Zahm

Manager of Agency Sales, Sprout Social

Jeff Ellman.jpg
Jeff Ellman

Co-Founder, Hireology & UrbanBound

Griffin Elrod.jpg
Griffin Elrod

Empowering Sales Development, Gusto

Jessica Watts.jpg
Jessica Watts

Co-Founder, Mud City

David Mann.jpg
David Mann

Partner, Dundee Venture Capital

Prince Kwateng.jpg
Prince Kwateng

Sales Development Manager, Sprout Social

Jonathan Petrino.jpg
Jonathan Petrino

VP of Channel Sales, DialogTech

Nick Cromydas.jpg
Nick Cromydas

CEO, New Coast Ventures & Hunt Club

Lisa Chernikoff
Lisa Chernikoff

Marketing Strategist, Fibroblast

Kelly Marberry.jpg
Kelly Marberry

Sales Manager, LinkedIn

Kevin McGirl.jpg
Kevin McGirl

President, Sales-i

Justin Cardillo.jpg
Justin Cardillo

VP of Sales, PerkSpot

Kenny Estes.jpg
Kenny Estes

Co-Founder, West Loop Ventures

Lon Chow.jpg
Lon Chow

Partner, Method Capital

Mark Garcia.jpg
Mark Garcia

VP of Sales, Buildout

Matt Forcey.jpg
Matt Forcey

VP of Enterprise Sales, PowerReviews

Justin Johnson.jpg
Justin Johnson

Director of Sales, HOVER

Matt Gibbs.jpg
Matt Gibbs

Co-Founder & CMO, UPshow

Michael Renderman.jpg
Michael Renderman

VP of Sales, DocuSign

Nusreth Baig.jpg
Nusreth Baig

Director of Sales,

Nick Turnbull.jpg
Nick Turnbull

Sales Development Manager, Builtin

Gauri Chawla
Gauri Chawla

VP Global Alliances, inRiver

Joel Arnold
Joel Arnold

VP Revenue Ops, PowerReviews

Amy Mills.jpeg
Amy Mills

Director of Sales, Barcodes

Kevin Piket
Kevin Piket

National Account Executive,

Access One

Alisha Johnson
Alisha Johnson

Manager Sales Development, Affirm

Christopher Patton
Christopher Patton

Principal, Lionboard Consulting

Sasha Katz.jpg
Sasha Katz

Global Talent Acquisition Manager, ActiveCampaign

Ed Jaffe
Ed Jaffe

Founder, Demo Solutions

James Hyde.jpeg
James Hyde

CEO, Venminder

Sara Breen.jpeg
Sara Breen

Sales Enablement Mgr, Okta

David Rush.jpeg
David Rush

Advisor, Hunt Club

Shelton Banks.jpeg
Shelton Banks

CEO, re:work training

Shari Lee.jpeg
Shari Lee

Mgr Enterprise Program Success, Upwork

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